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Welcome to Ace Computers! We are a one stop IT shop covering a wide range of products and services. We work on both consumer and business levels and during the course of over 10 years of operation we have worked with thousands of clients.

Consumer services has been our main focus and we offer a wide range of services such as Laptop, PC and Tablet repairs, Data Recovery, Diagnostics, PC Builds and pretty much anything else regarding IT repairs. Our main technician has almost 10 years of experience and the customer is always our main focus. We are happy to work with the customer, we take concerns like data retention and protection very seriously and if the customer has any specifics requests we will do everything in our power to honour them.

We have also recently started offering business services and over the course of such a short time span we have amassed quite a large, and happy client base. We have servers located in-house, from which we operate web servers, mail servers, and storage servers. We have excellent up times and any time there is a problem, we have complete control over the situation due to our servers being stored on-site. We can also do on-site network setups, PC setups and more! If you have anything that involves IT business solutions we can most likely accomodate, just get in touch!